Monday, March 26, 2012

March is almost gone!

We have had quite a run of nice weather which ended yesterday. Temperatures have been running about 20 degrees above normal. So many of the plants are coming up, the trees are getting leaves and the grass is green. Problem is that there is still the possibility of frost and freezes, even snow. Hopefully that will not happen, if the fruit trees have blossoms then the crops will be ruined. The last couple of years have been a bad one for our apple trees. The tornado hurt them and then cold and wet Springs messed things up even more. The apples are so good I miss them.

So I keep thinking of hints but have not written them down, need to tie a notebook around my neck I think,lol. One thing I discovered was for the dishwasher, I use those little packs with the dawn in them and they kept getting stuck and not dissolving all the way. Turns out if I put them in the compartment with the liquid side down they work fine. Other random money savers, if you grate your own potatoes for hash browns , one potato will make enough for at least 2 servings. I like to also grate some onion in when I make them. I grate several potatoes into a dish of cold water to rinse the extra starch off them, this helps to stop them from turning dark. I will take the extra and make patties and freeze them in zip lock bags. Quick and easy and much less them buying them from store. I found a really neat slicer/shredder at the thrift and it makes it so much easier. Has a fairly large bowl and electric so I can do bunches at once. Also good for making potato pancakes, slaw, carrot salad, etc.

I love the thrift shop, get cool things for cheap. Things you only use couple of times a year so why pay big bucks for them,lol. A fun thing browsing through and seeing what you can find and only spending 5 or 10 dollars. I just found one of those electric pots you can fry in or use like a crock pot, was $3.00!

Hopefully we won't blow away and will be back again! Best to you all,

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violetlady said...

I love the thrift shops. We have several very close to us and I try to get to at least one of them every week or so. I have gotten a lot of very good deals.