Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harvesting Time

The soybeans have already been picked and now they are harvesting the corn. The machines they use amaze me for the size and also how they work. This tractor goes along side the combine and the hopper is filled. Then the tractor loads the semi and off the corn goes to become feed or ethanol. Don't they look like some sort of space equipment?? The combine cuts the stalk, removes the corn, takes off the husk and the kernels leaving onlybits and pieces in the field.

The girls were curious but the machines scared them and off they would run. They had to come back and see what I was doing out there. This is the new area we closed in, you can see how they have cleared most of the weeds. If it were earlier in the year and the weeds were still green I imagaine they would have cleared that also. They are busy working on the small trees in the background. Those are all volunteers and need to be cleared so we get two birds with one stone. We figure by next year we should have the fencing all around the back part of the property and the girls will clear out all the underbrush and weeds. Not only will things look better but it will give me access to clear out and plan how and where I want to plant things.

I am finally having to breakdown and have Jim turn on the heat. It has been pretty chilly, the last several days have had high winds, rain and cold, yuck!!! Until we get all the insulation in the wind just cuts right through the house. I have a space heater in the birds room so they are warm. Finding the dogs were shivering convinced me I needed to turn on the heat. I put their coats and sweaters on them and covered their houses at night so they were happier. I have a heated matress pad on the bed so you know where the cats were. The installation of the wood stove is turning out to be more complicated then we thought. We found we need to put a liner in the chimney to protect from carbon monoxide poisioning. The chimney is in great shape but after all these years it is possible the fumes will leak into the house. They you start checking out prices and find it can run into the thousands. Again we have a break that we can do it our selves. Jim found online a kit for around $1,400.00. I do not even want to try and imagine what we would be charged if we had someone do the work.

I need to leave soon to go help with parceling up the share packages. Share is a wonderful program that allows people on fixed incomes, large families or unemployed people to supplement their food supplies. For a small sum they receive a variety of food stuffs, it works out that it is half price over what they would pay in the stores. I have been part of similar programs in other states where I lived, some times they were called co-ops but the goal was the same. Getting people in need some help. What amazes me is the amount of resistance in this area to this program. We have small grocers who look at it and say it will cost them money. My argument is that by helping these people with the basics it will allow them to spend money on extras that they could not afford other wise. Why? I have so many ways to finish that question, it just boggles my mind. Why are we selfish, narrow minded, short sighted, etc!!!

Best to you my friends, Barbara


Joanne said...

Very interesting corn harvesting going on there. It really does look alien. Around here, after harvesting there's just enough left in the cornfields to attract the Canadian geese passing through before winter sets in. Big flocks of them descend, looks pretty. I guess it gives them a little something to eat before their flight south.

Karen said...

Your new picture in the header is just beautiful. Our heat came on for the first time last week, but we're having warm temps again, so now we're going without.

Mary said...

I sure miss the farm and am glad you posted this. It took me back years.

The girls are darling and I enjoy seeing photos of them. Goats are certainly curious.

My email is The ca is because I live in Canada. Thank you for agreeing to participate in the card shower.

We had a program similar to this but it was discontinued because they had trouble getting donations. Then they begin to buy from the Food Terminal in Toronto and it was reinstated. Many people with low incomes benefit from the program each month when they pick up their basket, which costs them $10. Included is milk, eggs, a large block of cheese, carrots, onions, sugar, potatoes and canned goods. The people who benefit by it would otherwise go hungry and in many cases the children wouldn't have milk.

Take care, my friend and thanks for stopping by and commenting.