Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, my gosh, it's October!!

Good morning my friends. Apparently I have been in a bit of a funk, I realized this morning I have not taken any pictures or written in my blog. Maybe it is fall when so much is ending that got me. Could be that so much is left to do on the house, we have accomplished quite a bit but none of it the "pretty" stuff. So this morning I had a talk with myself and said "get over it". In the big scheme of things that I like to talk about we are good. We have each other, the house has more insulation and we are still moving forward. We were able to find a good used wood stove that should be great for heating the house. We have our own wood and the health to cut it. Jim has most of the attic insulated and the holes drilled for the blown in insulation on the front of the downstairs. He found a storm window on sale for $35.00 and put that up on one of the living room windows. One was missing and it was amazing the amount of air that came in. I can not say enough how lucky we are that Jim can do so much by himself. On Good Morning America they showed two ladies who shared hints for saving money. One lady paid her mortgage off in 5 years, then did all sorts of home improvements by herself. She goes on line and finds the directions of how to do things and then jumps in. She had never used a lawnmower or power tool before, just shows what we can do when we try.
My friend Ellen spotted an ad for a free kitchen stove, so we went and picked it up. Needed a heating element which we got for $35.00, Jim took the cord off the old one and we ordered the front glass on line. So we have a glass top stove with lots of bells and whistles for about $150.00, how cool to have a stove where all the burners work and the oven keeps an even temp!!! Ellen is such a blessing, always ready with some information I need or finding bargains. How we met was such a fluke, makes ya know someone is looking out for us. Just sometimes we don't get the hint!
My little part time job is in the same spot she is working on weekends and we kind of cheer each other on. It is a bit of a challange sometimes, so much negative energy. Kinda sad when the only thing people have to talk about is each other or the customers that come in, and 90% of it seems to be bad. I refuse to join in and try to change the subject or make it something good, kind of like using a teaspoon to bail the ocean. Seems such a waste of energy and human spirit, guess I have a habit of trying to look at things through rose colored glasses. I just figure that none of us had a choice as to our parents, our birthplace, our social standing so to look down on each other is a waste. What we had when young was due to our parents hard work and their luck, nothing we did. What we have now is due to the choices we have made, luck and drive. Some have more some less, but I don't believe that makes us better or worse, just lucky.

Well must go to work, I have missed you and will do better at writing as I do enjoy it. Barbara


Joanne said...

Keep those rose-colored glasses on! We need more people like you. I'll join you with that teaspoon, bailing, and maybe it'll make a difference! Glad to hear your home is coming along, it's amazing how much $$ you can save being handy around the house. Happy fall, Barbara ...

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I'm glad you're back. And you and your husband have been busy. Yes, you are very lucky that your Jim can do so much by himself. Where there is a will there is a way! And I'm with you about the negative energy. It makes life so much more pleasant to accentuate the positive, don't you agree? :-) To see the good in people, and in life.

Oh, and I love the photo. Lovely and fall like. October is my favorite month.

Take care, and be well, dear Barbara.



violetlady said...

I am so glad you are back. I have missed you. I also have been somewhat delayed in writing on my blog. Barbara, you are so industrious! That stove is amazing. I love that photo. Is that your house in the background?