Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a difference a day makes.

This morning started off sunny, then clouded up and we had a white

Seemed to clear up for a while and then back it came. So now we have frosting on everything. Jim started the furnace and the house has been warm and cosy all day, even with the wind blowing. I think the new storm windows on the front have made a difference, not more breeze blowing in. The animals all found spots on the floor and stretched out. With the radiant heating under the floor they love it. We found out more about putting in the wood stove, we have to insulate the pipe that we are putting in the chimney. Jim found a place on line to buy the parts so soon we will have that as a way to heat and use the gas boiler to supplement. Another good thing will be that is the power goes off we will still be warm. I was unable to sign up for the budget plan for the gas, it would have locked a certain price in. Now it looks as if it was a lucky break as the price right now is lower then the bargain price. I do want to use the gas as little as possible, we will see how it goes.

I think Charlie is looking so handsome, this picture does not do him justice too late in the day. Miss Molly is growing by leaps and bounds. She is a little stinker,lol. For the most part she is doing well, she now sits and downs on command and pretty much comes when calls. I do need to do some leash work, the heel stuff , etc. Hopefully this bit of snow is a fluke and we will have some more clear days. I am still trying to cover plants and get my mind in the winter mode. I picked the last of the broccoli this afternoon and made it for Jim's lunch. I roasted some chicken breasts and seasoned them with herbs from the garden. I know for sure I am going to plant much more broccoli next year. I will try the two plantings so we can have lots to freeze. The flavor is so wonderful when the vegs come right from the garden. I have baskets of apples and tomatoes in the basement and was able to send some with Jim.

Best to you, Barbara


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Oh, my, snow already? Brrr. We had a wonderful weekend in the low 70s but it's chilly this morning and we'll be in the fifties for a couple of days. Then, beack to the sixties. That's the nice thing around here, our weather isn't terribly cold, and not that much snow. Knock on weood. It can't be ruled out though.

Love the pictures of the dogs. And yes, veggies from the garden can't be beat! I just picked off two baskets of green tomatoes. Not sure what I will do with them yet, but I know they won't be ripening anymore.

I enjoyed my visit with you, dear Barbara. Stay nice and warm and have a great week!



Joanne said...

The snow pictures look so peaceful. Very nice. I do like the cold weather, but the sad part is that gardening is over. Oh how I'll miss my Jet Star Tomatoes fresh from the vine ...

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi again, Barbara,

I wanted to thank you so much for the tip on ripening the green tomatoes. Today I brought one more basket in. There are still so many small ones and even blooms, but since we are under a heavy frost warning for tonight, that will be the end of them. But I will try layering my tomatoes with newspapers between them, and if they ripen, that will be wonderful.

I have also made some fried green tomatoes earlier today. Well, I googled the recipe and then made the fried green tomatoes by baking them in the oven, since I rarely eat fried foods. And not only that, but I dipped the slices in egg, then in seasoned almond meal,instead of flour, and put them in the oven for 40 minutes or so at 375, and they were fantastic! I am so glad I tried them that way. I loved them!

Anyway, I just weanted to thank you for the tip. I think that should work.

Have a great week, and stay snug and warm.


Nancy Jo said...

It sure sounds like you are all cosy, you and the critters. We haven't had any snow yet, but they are calling for it tonight and tomorrow, so we shall see.Still so many------leaves on the trees yet, we will be rakeing until Dec.

Karen said...

Isn't it crazy when the weather turns so quickly like that? I should be used to it, as it does that a lot here, too. I'm not ready for snow, however. The veggies in your garden sound wonderful. How nice to be able to eat them fresh like that.

Stay warm!

GardenGoose said...

brrr. I'd be a popsicle by now out in that. too much southern blood in my veins..ha.
hope you are having a good week.