Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, an other shot at getting stuff done

I thought this sunset was so pretty the other night, what was even better was the time. It was after 5 pm and there was still light. Days are getting longer, Spring is out there somewhere.

I have been such a slug lately, I get little bursts of energy and go around doing this and that. Problem is there is no rhyme or rhythm to it, so you can not really see that I have accomplished any thing. I really need to buckle down and work on one room at a time, then I will be able to look around and see improvement. I get lost in playing my pogo games, and even then my mind is not wholly on them. I can be playing and my mind is off somewhere else thinking of completely different things. Not easy being me sometimes.

This is the drift that ate my driveway. Saturday I shoveled it away so I could get out, then the wind came again and it's back!!

I keep planting things to try and block the North wind from the drive, so hopefully in a year or so it will be better. My semi wattle fence did help a little bit. Last year this drift was about 4 feet high all the way across. Earlier in the year this was higher and is where I got stuck.

This is up the North side of the property and you can see the drifts, the pine trees do a great job blocking the snow. Unfortunatly they take a really long time to grow and even a small one is pretty pricey. The wind blows the snow around the larger trees so will be planting more lilacs and bushes to help plug the gaps.

I will be making suet today, I have a large pot of trimmings melting then will run it through the food processor, add other goodies and set out to firm up. Saw the little woodpeckers out yesterday checking out the feeders, so knew I need to get moving and get them fed.

Best to you all, Barbara


Joanne said...

Too bad there's no Spring in your snowy pictures yet. But I think I see a little Spring peeking just beyond the horizon in your sunset picture! It's the slant of light, a difference in the breeze. Pretty soon!

Nancy said...

Looks mighty cold in those pics! I can remember the drifts when we lived in IN...some places in our yard would be right down to the grass and then high drifts in other places! That wind can swirl it, that's for sure!

Beautiful sunset picture, too! Spring is out there....somewhere!

((( HUGS )))

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, the days are getting longer, and we have all kinds of signs of spring, around here. The jonquils/daffodils are ready to burst out and bloom, my pink rose bush is full of tiny shoots I just noticed today, and the tree frogs are singing at night. Well, were singing, then it got a tad chillier for them, but they will be back, as it's going to warm up again by Wednesday. And some of the birds are beginning to sing! So they're ready to begin courting!

We don't get much snow in the Ozarks, although it can't be ruled out. But ice is much worse than snow! So this has been a hard winter around here, and I'm more than ready for change!!! LOL.

Sorry I missed so many of your lovely posts while I was in the "dark," Have been catching up reading them. And I still have so little time for blogging, there is so much to do, plus a couple of deadlines also are calling my name. But hopefully I can get back to more normal soon.

I hope your snow drifts melt altogether, and spring brings some milder, sweeter breezes your way, soon!

Have a wonderful week.