Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chickens on my head and goats on my toes!!!

There is never a dull moment with all the critters around, makes my days fun.
A couple of the chickens who are extra friendly have decided that not only will they ride the goats but humans are fair game also. Jim and I were standing in the coop discussing possible modifications when a chicken launched itself and landed on my head. We could not stop laughing and all the while the chicken is just clucking away.

Anything you are trying to do in the animal shed, the goats have to be part of. They are so curious, they want to stick their noses in, taste, in general get completely under foot. Of course my toes take a beating as they always seem to manage to tromp on me at some point.

Jim made a small trap door for the chickens to get in and out of the coop. I had just been opening the door a little bit and securing it with bungee cords. Welllll, the goats figured out how to get the bungees off and promptly ate the chicken feed, again!!!! Jim thought he had it all figured out, came in to get me to show me what he had done. We go out and look in the coop, no chickens in sight......... but guess who?? 7 of the goats were in there, shoo them out try and figure out how they got in. As we are standing there Milky Way gets down on her hands and knees and crawls through the door!!! So, back to the drawing board , Jim has to make the opening smaller. As you can see he had lots of supervision.
When you look at the size of the opening it is amazing to me that the goats could make it through, if I had not watched it happen I would never have believed it.

I found a surprise the other day, eggs!! Now I am finding one or two a day, good chickens!! The are getting so big and for the most part very tame.

I think this chicken is so pretty, still do not know what kind she is,lol.

This is my other mystery chicken, pretty isn't she?? Just do not know what kind. The one in the back is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, it is a real wacky chicken. Runs all around at top speed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, ours was quiet. Jim was home from Wednesday night till Monday morning so we had some nice together time. I cooked ham and turkey so we had leftovers which I tend to enjoy more then the actual meal. Love turkey sandwiches with all the trimmings on them.

Best to all, Barbara


Renie Burghardt said...

HI Barbara,

Smart goats! Sounds like you have a great deal of fun with all the critters. And your fresh eggs look so nice! Do you still have the dogs and cats?

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your hubby. Enjoy the rest of the week.



violetlady said...

I just love your animal adventures! Wish I had been there to see the chicken on your head and the goat crawling through the door. So funny! Glad you had a nice holiday. Keep those stories coming!

Jo said...

Give me the country life any day over city life. Those critters are a never ending source of entertainment aren't they.

Mary said...

Barbara, It's surprising what goats can do. LOL Yes, they will squeeze through if there is food to be had. LOL

I love farm fresh eggs. Enjoy! There's nothing quite like them with a bit of bacon, sausage or ham for breakfast.

Enjoyed reading about what you've been up to. Glad Jim was home so you could have some time together.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barbara!

I'm still laughing about the smart goats! How funny! I knew goats were intelligent but I didn't know they were THAT smart. I love chickens but I think I'd freak out if one flew onto my head. What a riot!! The eggs are wonderful. My hubby says there's nothing like a "for real" fresh egg. His mom would make homemade noodles from the fresh eggs they had and would get so excited when one had a double yoke. He said those were always the best noodles.

I'm so glad you had a happy Thanksgiving and time with your Jim. Do you cut a Christmas tree?? I love to hear all the things you do around you place.

Christmas hugs, Sherry