Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some more snow pictures

For my friends in the South you will enjoy these and be able to gloat as you go around in your shorts and flip flops. For my Northern friends you can sympathize as we continue to dig out. The weekend is supposed to bring sub-zero temperatures, Jim will be working on the few places left in the attic that need insulation. Now that he is home full time for a while he can tackle many of the jobs he could not get to before. I look forward to being able to paint and paper in several rooms by the Spring, yeah!! The picture shows him doing some clearing in the driveway. We had just had it plowed and then more snow arrived and along with the wind tried to fill it all in again. Charlie was helping Jim, we call him rocket man because he is so fast and just loves to run. We try to let him get at least one good run a day in, uses some of that energy and keeps him in shape. This is one happy puppy, see him smile!!

I took the picture of the bluejay the other day, I was looking out the window and he looked so pretty. This was the morning we woke up to a Winter Wonderland, everything was frosted

I love looking at the trees and bushes when this happens, looks beautiful and so quiet all you hear are the birds.

I wish everyone peace and tranquility, health and happiness in the new year. Happy New Year my friends, Barbara

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Stasia said...

Happy New Year! Jim coming by soon???