Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sending warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas day your way. All best wishes for a loving, prosperous New Year.

As the song says, The weather outside is frightful so I am glad we have no need to travel anywhere. Looks like it will be Monday or Tuesday before we will venture out.

We have had major amounts of snow, then sleet, snow, rain and now back to snow. I took these pictures this afternoon there were big fluffy snow flakes but could not really catch them. Pretty much of the day has been white out conditions with the snow and wind. With the rain the snow is very heavy so I made sure Jim only shoveled a small path for me to get through with my sled. With the onset of cold weather I now take 5 gallon buckets of hot water out to the animals twice a day. We purchased a new 16 gallon heated bucket for the goats, the two 5 gallon ones we had were just not enough. The chickens have their own heated water dispenser, so there is 3 gallons for them every couple of days and the cats have a heated water dish also. I am so pleased that our panels across the bottom of the door are working so well.

The chickens are now giving us 3 and 5 eggs a day. They are so funny, now stand by their door to be let out to play with the goats. They keep all the grain that the goats miss cleaned up. When you go out there the chickens are just clucking away, sound very peaceful.

Our day was quiet spent playing on the computer, eating and reading. I bought Jim a game for the Wii so that has kept him occupied. When he gets fed up with that then he is back to channel surfing. A none stressful day all around, even the dogs did not want to go out much.

Tomorrow if I can summon the energy I want to do some baking. I am practicing my cookie decorating, practice makes perfect. The big plus is we get to eat my mistakes,lol.

My big holiday fun will be going to the sales, I enjoy buying all kinds of pretty wrapping paper, bows, ribbons for half price. Will be heading to Hallmark to see what there is in the way of decorations, then will hope to find a new Department 56 piece to add to my collection. Jim always feels he should buy me something, but since I have so much I truly enjoy hitting the sales. Last year I bought some of the extra large ornaments for the outside tree. I am hoping next year we will be more organized and can decorate it, it has such a beautiful shape I think it will look beautiful.

Enjoy your holiday and being with friends and family.

Best to you, Barbara


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my, look at all the beautiful snow! We had a dusting this morning, but the sun came out and it was gone in the blink of an eye. That outdoor Christmas tree is a beauty. I have some of those deer with lights in the back. It looks so pretty, but scares the real life deer.

Sounds like you had a pleasant Christmas, Barbara. Enjoy the rest of the evening.


Who is tired of all the fun and ready for bed.

violetlady said...

That sound of the chickens clucking is something I wish I could hear. I can imagine the comforting sound of it. You certainly have a ton of snow. Glad you are nestled in.