Saturday, July 5, 2008

Charlie's Saga Continues

Violet Lady says her pup carries shoes around, if that was all Charlie did how heavenly. He has now raided my closet and brought out a variety. The up side of this is he did not chew them, the down side is I am still rounding them up. He has also fallen in love with the contents of my purse, yesterday he emptied it all out. Today was a little more drastic, he got into my makeup which is now all over him and the bed. We will see how well all those fancy smancy stain removers work. I keep thinking I have things up high enough, he is more agile then I give him credit for.

Star seems to be doing well, she is only limping a little so I am hoping that it was only a bad bruise. She fell quite hard and I know I would still be limping too. This is all like having small children around again. Milky way broke one of the gates, she did not think we were letting her in quickly enough. Another project for Jim.

It is great to have Jim home for 4 whole days. Poor guy has been working steadily fixing all kinds of things. I did not have to call Maytag about the ice maker, he took it apart and now we have ice cubes galore. I also have 2 working mowers again, he replaced the head gasket on the John Deere and found a piece of gunk in the jet of the carburetor on the other one. He also fixed my little tiller so I can go back to making more flower beds.

I have been feeding him well so that makes him happy. Also making sure he has all kinds of nice clean clothes.

Well, if I do not go to bed soon I am going to dislocated my jaw from yawning.

Super day to you all, Barbara


Jo said...

Poor thing... Those pups are inquesitive aren't they. Charlie must think he has died and gone to heaven with all of the toys he has found in his new home to play with. What you need is another pup just like Charlie so he can share the fun with.... lol

Isn't it wonderful to have a man around with fix it ability?

Nancy said...

Charlie must think he owns the place! LOL He must be a very happy puppy! He looks like a beautiful dog! When you love 'em, they can do no wrong.

You are very fortunate to have Jim there to fix some things for you.


Karen said...

Barbara, your new picture header is beautiful. Such a lovely porch! It's so nice to have a glimpse of your place.

I so admire your patience with Charlie. I'm feel very sad and somewhat guilgy for not being able to keep up with our puppy. (see my post today)

It's nice to have a husband who's a handyman, isn't it?