Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Warm July Morning

http://ediemariesattic.blogspot.com/ I wanted to make sure I put this up. She is having her first give away, go check it out.
We have the prettiest sunrises and sunsets here, this is the start of one this morning about 5 am. The tree on the right is a huge old maple, I want to make a small patio under it so we can sit and watch the sun come up.

Jim is on his way back to work, it was so super having him home for 4 whole days. Looks like he will have nice weather for the drive. If I could only find something to do from home then he would be able to take something closer. I do have some leads, apparently it is pretty easy to set up a home business around here. I am hoping that on the next long weekend that Jim is home we can clear out the big garage and rearrange things. I can put up the insulation and washable wall board and the heavy duty wiring is in. This will allow me to hook up my big oven and be able to do more in the cake and pet treat lines.

From what I was told I should also be able to do catering from here, that would solve quite a few of my problems. Having no added overhead and not having to commute will make this much more feasible. I had not started this earlier thinking that I would have to jump through all kinds of hoops. The laws here are much more reasonable it seems. I have all the proper sinks and exhaust fans and I believe all I will need to get this up and running. Time will tell, I am crossing fingers that the information I was given is correct.

Charlie is snoozing under my feet, recharging his batteries I bet. He is getting much better in all areas, we are working hard on not chasing cars and coming the first time we are called. We also need to not chase cats, no matter how tempting it is. Star seems to be pretty much back to herself, so most probably was a bad bruise or sprain. Everyone else is doing well, Peaches has one again taken up residence in the upstairs bathroom. She is the Flame point Himalayan and about 15 or 16, she was a rescue so age was approximate.

I am so grateful that we have been having some nice weather, my gardens and the weeds are doing well. I get such a tickle being able to go out and pick my own salad, I even have some tomatoes which should be ripe in a few days. What is great is that even people in apartments or with small yards can do this. One of those long plastic planters could be used for the lettuce and since you are picking the mature leaves you will have lettuce for quite a while. I have even seen examples where they used a trash can, planting tomatoes, herbs even potatoes. If you are interested there are articles on container gardening, just Google it. The roses are outdoing them selves, covered with buds. Vases of roses everywhere, love it.

Best to you, Barbara


Mary said...


I had to play catch-up in order to read all the news. I'm glad Star didn't break her leg and is getting around much better.

As for Charlie, repetition is the key to getting him to be more obedient. If he continues, you may have to put him in a kennel when you leave the house. That way he can't destroy things. I never believed in them but when we got Meeko, our Alaskan malamute, I had to use one. It works great. And he soon got the idea that if he behaved he didn't have to go into a cage. Did you know an Alaskan malamute can destroy $15,000 worth of furniture in less than 3 hours? No, he didn't do that thanks to the cage and using a whole lot of tobasco sauce. Our vet told us to use it on shoes and furniture legs. It did cure him from touching those things.

Take care, my friend. I certainly enjoyed my visit here today. Your sunsets are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Peggy said...

I am trying to build up my soap,cheese, egg and goat business so William can come of the road. He has been a truckdriver since retiring from military. One day soon I hope

Jo said...

Isn't the life style we have been blessed with just wonderful? We are living in God's Playground with assigned chores to do.

Have a wonderful week Barb.

PEA said...

Hi Barb:-)

I do wish you the very best of luck starting up your own business. Hopefully things will all work out, as you say, sometimes the paperwork is the worst part! It must be lonesome for you with Jim on the road so much of the time so I can understand you're wanting to make extra money so he wouldn't have to work so far away.

Love that sunrise picture. I use to get up in time to see the sunrises but lately I've been sleeping in until 7:30-8:30 so I've been missing them. I enjoy the sunsets instead now! lol

Glad to hear that Charlie is starting to learn the DO'S and DONT'S...I'm sure he's keeping you on your toes at all times, though. lol

It certainly is wonderful to be able to pick fresh produce from your own garden...ours is just starting to grow now, we had to plant it so late due to the cold and wet weather we had all of May. By next month, though, I'll be in my glory with eating fresh veggies from the garden:-) xoxo

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I'm playing catch-up as well. Your sunrise photo is beautiful!

How wonderful that your husband could spend 4 whole days at home. I hope you can work it out that he could be closer and spending less time away. If you do go into the pet treats business, I would certainly be a customer.

Great news on Charlie learning the rules of the house. And thank goodness Star is better. Is Peaches hiding from Charlie? Labs usually get along with cats. Mine did.

Always a pleasure to visit with you, dear Barb. Take care and have a wonderful week.



Nancy Jo said...

Always appreciate your visits to my site. Yes those little blue birds are cute aren't they? I almost didn't get them because I didn't think I collected salt and peppers. But maybe I do.
Good luck with your new ideas.You always seem to keep so busy. Glad to hear that the weeds are growing as good as the flowers.

Nancy said...

Your header photo is just gorgeous! Looks sooooo beautiful!!! Your flowers around the porch are so lush and full, too!

The sunrise is gorgeous!!! Nothing can beat Nature, can it?

Hope you get your home business up and running! Sounds like fun! I used to make professional cakes years ago, but now I have no time to do things like that. I work from home, and it keeps me quite busy!

I'm glad Charlie's behavior is improving. I take it that he still has some puppy in him.

You have inspired me to think about container planting! I would love to grow some lettuce! I don't use a head up fast enough before it spoils, so it would be nice to plant it every 2 weeks or so to have fresh lettuce available all summer and fall! Next year, I think I will do just that! Thank you for the idea!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barbara!
Thank you for your perfect words about Mom... she's planted in the right garden! You said it perfectly!! I'm so happy she's doing well.
Charlie is just having a great time isn't he? We got our Zoe lots of toys that she could chew on and she stopped choosing shoes and slippers to chew on. It's a challenge having a puppy!!
Thank you so much for advertising my giveaway! You're entered in my drawing twice!! Good luck!
And I will keep you in prayer that you can get your home based business off and running soon.
Big hugs, Sherry

violetlady said...

I love your new header picture. Is that your house?? It looks wonderful. Charlie still sounds like the sweetest dog. I congratulate you on your diligence in looking for a job you can do from home. The catering sounds like a great idea. Keep up the good work, dear friend.