Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday once again

Well before she left on vacation Violet Lady gave me an award, now if I could only figure out how to get it over here. Hope she is having fun, beautiful part of the world she is going to.

Thank you for the kind comments about the new header. One of the things I like about old homes are the porches. You see so many that have closed them in and to me it is a shame. I enjoy walking out and just standing there and listening and watching. When I can I like to sit out there and just be. I keep trying to imagine how we can put up screen and have it look nice, how to winterize it without spoiling it. Keeps those brain cells working and moving. I do want at some point and time to add to the porch, I like the ones that wrap around. I think I have mentioned I am a curve and arch person, squares bug me.

The hollyhocks are another joy, last year I was pleased to discover them. Once we figured they were an actual plant and not a weed, they were no longer mowed and allowed to grow. They gave a lot of flowers last summer, but were spindly and I spent a lot of time propping them up. This year they are standing tall all on their own and popping up all over. Hopefully next year they will continue to increase and put on another show of beauty. Most of the plants I am putting in are perennials so should come up again. At this point I am having some problems with them coming back, not sure what I am doing wrong. I was having pretty good luck with the ones I put in, until something maybe rabbits discovered them. They seem to find mums and daises tasty. So now need to do some fencing.

Jim will leave in the morning and it will be 2 weeks until he is home again. Hopefully the new guy they are hiring will work out and things can get a little more normal. Which of course leads to "what is normal", hummm. Too late at night to go there.

Best to you all, thank you for visiting, Barbara


Peggy said...

Hope the two weeks fly by and hubby is soon back home.

PEA said...

Hi Barbara:-)

Like you, I love an open wrap around porch and if I ever get my dream house, that's what there will be! Complete with rocking chairs:-) I love Hollyhocks, they're such gorgeous flowers. I also have mostly perennials planted now and sometimes some don't come up the second year but then the third year they go nuts! I think it's just a matter of them getting a good root system. Congratulations on your award...just copy and save the award picture and then download it on your post! xoxo

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I love porches as well, and yours looks so cozy and inviting, and the Hollyhocks are beautiful.

Hope things work out with the new guy, so your husband can get home more often. Meanwhile, I'm sure all the animals keep you good company. :-) Life would be so dull without animals, wouldn't it? But a little less complicated as well. :-)

Take care!



Nancy Jo said...

Hi Barb,
Company left this morning, we had a good time. My sister in law loved my thrift store, we had to go three times. Of course I didn't mind.
Hope hubby gets back soon. Nobody to wait on when they are gone. HA.
Nothing like a big porch, I grew up with one and really miss it. Oh the decorating possibilities!!

Nancy said...

Hi Barbara!

I love your porch!!! It looks so stately with those beautiful columns!!! Porches are becoming a thing of the you say, people are enclosing them for year-round use. I prefer a screened porch (a lot of these here in the South) in back but an open one in front.

I have always heard that if you plant a marigold border, the rabbits won't bother anything then. Guess they don't like the smell of marigolds or something.

My ex used to travel alot, too, and I just hated it when he would be gone 2 weeks or longer. The company always allowed him to come home every 2 weeks for a weekend, though. It was hard when the kids were small. Then as I got older, and the kids were at college, I didn't enjoy the "alone" evenings when he was away. Now I have ALL "alone" evenings since I am divorced. Guess this is why I have 33 cats! LOL

Hope you have a fun weekend with your pets! They are such great company, as I have discovered myself.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

GardenGoose said...

hollyhocks are something I want to try growing soon..have never grown them before.
hope you have a good week.