Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Evening

Apricot Princess finally bloomed, ain't she purty!!! I bought it for the name on line at Spring Hill and have been waiting to see what it looked like. Everything is growing so nicely, love walking out early when it is so quiet, give the plants a drink and enjoy their beauty. Gets your head off to a good start.

This week kind of flew right by. Jim did not make it home this weekend, I sure will be glad when they have enough help. He called around 9:30 to say good night, worked all day and then had to go back to put a machine together. They had to send for parts from Chicago, those couriers must make big bucks. He should be able to have a 4 day weekend next week, that will be super.

Went to a decorating class on Thursday night with new friend Ellen. I think the fates intervened to bring us together. I needed some floral tape, knew I had purchased some but could not find it. Went online looking for a florist shop close, first one I called the line was busy, next one was Ellen's shop. She said come on over, sold tape to me for a buck. We got talking and have tons in common. I was able to help her with some frosting flowers for a cake she was working on, and am making more for another upcoming cake. We both want to improve our skills so are car pooling to classes. We are thinking we can give each other a helping hand with all we want to do, refer business to each other. She already recommended me for another wedding cake in September, cool!! We are having fun with the classes, sometimes when you are doing the cakes you get in a rut. There are usually time limits and lots to do, so you go with the tried and true. When I do shop this time I want to go slower and be able to be more creative. I am looking forward to to gum paste classes, the flowers you can make with those are amazing.

Tomorrow will be spent making flowers so they will be dry for the cake by Friday, also am determined to get at least one birdbath made. It was on the list for today, but ran out of time. I did get a batch of peanut butter treats made for the dogs, Charlie loves them. He keeps sitting and looking at me, like "Look Mom, I'm sitting, so do I get a treat?"

I ended up spending the afternoon working on fences. Went out and something looked odd, could not find the goats. I called them and hear them and there they are, in the woods. They come and casually go through the fence, hummm, this is not right. So figure there must be weeds or something interfering with the current. Spend ages pulling weeds, with help from the girls, both inside and outside fence. Use the tester and still no current, double check and find a couple of insulators that have pulled loose, fix those. Still no go, well durn. Ok, think, double check and lo and behold my connector wires are loose, so think it is fixed. By then I was pooped so gave the girls their goodies and locked them in. Tomorrow will see if I got it all done right.

No time for bird bath or energy. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot so good to do inside things. I have everything set up in garden shed, so should not take me too long to try this out. Will try to remember to take camera out. Talked to friend Carol on line and she knows someone who is also doing this, so maybe get some tips. This person is in MN so I am not competition.
Always nice to talk to someone who has actually done it first, avoid some pitfalls I hope.

Best to you all, Barbara


Karen said...

Such a blessing to meet someone that you share so many common interests and then becomes a friend to boot! How nice for you both.

The apricot rose is beautiful. Our new backyard is nicely kept, but very plain. I'm excited to put in some rosebushes when we get there.

violetlady said...

I am so glad you have made a new friend -- especially that you have so much in common. Those "girls" certainly keep you busy!!

Mary said...


The apricot rose is beautiful and it's great that you made a new friend who shares your interests.

When we keep livestock it is a chore to keep up with everything. If they can find a way to get to the other side of a fence, they will. I guess the grass looks greener on the other side.

Just reading your post made me as tired as working on the renovations.

Have a great week.

PEA said...

Hello dear Barbara:-)

Well no wonder you go to bed so exhausted, such full days you put in! My neighour Julie decorates cakes for weddings and such and I'm always amazed by the flowers she can make with the icing. My mother also use to decorate cakes but it's not something I've ever attempted to do, although I do love to bake! I can imagine how thrilled you were to meet someone you have so much in common with and be able to take classes with:-) xoxo

Nancy Jo said...

I would love to meet a new friend that had lots my of same interests. Good for you.
Your flower is so pretty, isn't this just the best time of year, I love flowers. Amazing little things.
Cake decorating? You wouldn't want to see mine. That really takes a creative hand. Show a picture sometime of one of your master pieces.

Renie Burghardt said...

I love the color of your rose bush! Always nice to make a new friend, especially one that is a kindred spirit. I enjoyed reading this, although a bit late.

Take care, and enjoy the week.