Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Morning Surprise

I thought the storm sounded pretty close last night or should I say early this morning. When I went to mow I found pieces of bark and tree and after checking around I found where it was from. This is one of our huge old trees, that limb is over 6 feet around where it joins the trunk of the tree.
The power of Mother Nature is awesome, the lightning spiraled around the limb throwing pieces over 40 feet away. I stood one of the pieces up against the garden fence, the fence is 5 feet so you can see what a large chunk was blown off. While I hate that the tree was damaged I am glad it was not the house.
Speaking of garden, check out my strawberries!! I filled an ice cream bucket 3/4 full before the flies drove me inside. When I go to the store later I am going to get some jars and try my hand at making strawberry jam. I found some recipes on line that seem really easy.
I am so glad this rose made it through the winter, Tahitian Sunset, conjures great images. It is like getting presents each day when I go out and my flowers are coming up and blooming.
Now I can also get excited about my garden, I am growing my own salad and won't have to worry about my food making me sick. I am already planning for next year the things I want to add to the variety. There are little zucchini on the plant already, and the lettuce, spinach and tomatoes are growing by leaps and bounds. Hopefully I will get the hang of canning so can make tomato sauce, salsa, etc. I have jalapenos and bell peppers growing as well as herbs so should be good to go. Who knew this could be such fun.
I meant to post this earlier, this is the wedding cake I made. She wanted very simple so I tried to follow her wishes. I tend to like to do tons of flowers and scroll work so had to restrain myself. I am hoping she liked what I came up with.
Well, off to mow some more. Best to you all, Barbara


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Wow, yes, that storm was close, wasn't it? Poor tree! But at least it wasn't the house.

Wow, your strawberries look beautiful! Yummy, too. My garden is coming along well, too. My lettuce is done, as it's too hot now, but I have been eating fresh lettuce since March. Now the zucchini is producing well enough to share some with some friends, and the cucumbers are larger than my thumb, so will be ready in a week or so, and there are lots of them. The tomatoes should start ripening in another week or ten days. Yum, I love home grown vegetables. And my concord grapes should be ripe by the end of July. Isn't gardening a joy? Oh, and your wedding cake may be simple, but it's lovely. I'm sure the bride and groom and guests enjoyed it.

It's always a pleasure to visit the Clark Homestead. Enjoy the good life you have living there.

Hugs and Blessings,


Nancy said...

You had quite a storm! Send some of that rain down our way here in in the South. We are so dry. Some places got rain earlier this evening, but where I live, not A drop!

Your berries looks yummy! I have to buy mine, so I juiced them and froze 5 gallons for winter. Your zucchini is what got my attention! I just love zucchini bread!!! Years ago, we grew some, and I had zucchini coming out of my ears! I was grating it and freezing it in sandwich bags for winter bread making. Wish I could have a garden now...but too hot and too many snakes!!!

Your wedding cake is just beautiful! Looks simple like she wanted but yet very elegant. I'm sure she was very pleased. I used to make professional cakes years ago, but no wedding cakes. They take up so much time, and I had children at home. I loved doing birthday cakes as they are such fun to create. I made Eastern Star cakes and a lot of others, too. Did you take the Wilton course? I love to play around with making the flowers myself and piping characters for children's cakes. Your was beautiful!!!

That rose looks like something grown in Hawaii! I love that color, too! One of my very favorite colors as you would see if you could see my closet.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. The drama continues on with the stop by to get the latest updates. I love them all! Your kitty is gorgeous!!! I love the coloring!!! Male or female? Name? I'm always looking for new names. I guess you may not know but I have 33 cats! All indoors! And they all have names, too! But I have them separated, so it's not as bad as it sounds. 12 ferals in my large laundry room, 8 in my office, and 13 in my actual living room, dining room, kitchen and my bedroom. So it's not all that bad. Just takes me 2 hours every morning to clean litterboxes, rooms, and feed and water them all! LOL Most all are rescues that people threw out or didn't want. My heart is bigger than my brain! LOL

Have a great weekend!


Peggy said...

Our strawberries have came and gone but blueberries are almost ready to pick. The lettuce has gone also. Got really hot this spring. Am picking lots of cukes, tomatoes, zukes, and peppers right now. The wedding cake is lovely. You are very talented!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I want to thank you for all the prayers and well-wishes. We haven't had any rain in about 4 weeks and we could stand some. Glad your house didn't recieve any damage. That cake you made is beautiful. Canning isnt that hard, I know you are going to master it the first time you try it. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Karen said...

This was a delightful post and a feast for the eyes. . .beautiful roses, strawberries, wedding cake . . .yum! I agree, the "real" thing is so much nicer than a bouquet that doesn't last. I can't imagine how loud the thunder must have been when your tree got hit. I have a healthy respect for lightening. It's one of the few things that scares the daylights out of me.