Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Personal Magnetic Field?

Violet Lady thinks maybe my woes with electronic and mechanical things might be tied into my magnetic field. Hey, beats any other explanations I might have. My Grandmother could only wear a watch as a pin, if she put them on her wrist they stopped. Now, if I could only fine tune this field so I could attract one of those huge lottery jackpots, how cool would that be!! I need to call Maytag back as the ice maker is not working, does not make me happy since the weather has warmed up. Of course we could be in the 1800's and have to haul ice chunks home and keep them in ice house with hay over then, guess I should quit moaning.

I am having fun with the flowers for the wedding cake. I am making another batch so will have plenty, much different from the ones I usually make. Once I got the hang of the calla lily it was a snap and the roses are really turning out pretty if I do say so myself. The bride is carrying a bouquet of old fashioned roses and they are variegated, so my challenge has been to try and match them or come close. She is a wonderful bride, not even close to a bridezilla thank goodness. She says what ever I come up with is fine with her. I think I could become addicted to these gum paste flowers, you can do so much with them. It is almost like using modeling clay. Will post pictures of the finished product.
Speaking of flowers, here are my clematis I want to add another color to the mix, maybe a pink or yellow. These guys just shoot up as soon as the weather is warm and I am always amazed at how many blooms they have. My neighbor in WI introduced me to them and now I am hooked. The peonies have also opened and are so beautiful. I could spend all day out there messing with my posies. The peonies have such a nice light fragrance, and are so awesome when they bloom the sheer size is amazing. I also have one the is from a plant that was 80 years old. A girl I worked with when we first moved to WI gave it to me, her Great Grandfather had planted the bush when he first built the house. I have carefully dug it up each time we moved, here seems to be where it likes it the best. Blooming really nicely this year.

Jim did not make it home this weekend, the guy who was supposed to work got "sick". Amazing how it just happens to be his birthday this weekend. Oh, well poo. So my plans for a nice father's day dinner for Jim are on hold. Add to that I kinda needed his muscle this weekend because a bunch of my plants were delivered and need homes. Wonder if he knew that?? hummm.

Well, back to flower making. Best to you all, stay safe and come back soon, Barbara


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Your flowers are beautiful. So glad to hear that you wasn't affected by the storms. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Nancy Jo said...

Your flowers all look real pretty. I bought a clemitis last year, and this year its looking real good. big purple flowers. Do I cut it back in the fall or just let it alone?
How is the job hunting going, or did I miss that update?
Those storms have been something this year out in the middle of the states. so sad what some have lost.
I can make a two layer cake with frosting and sprinkles!! Not anywhere near your talent.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Hmm, personal magnetic field sounds interesting. lol.

Your flowers are all lovely. The clematis is such a beautiful color and the peonies are gorgeous. Mine are very pretty, too.

I look forward to your pictures of the wedding cake flowers. Hope your husband makes it home this coming weekend, and helps with the planting of some of your new plants. Hope the weather stays nice in your area and you can get out there and enjoy your animals and garden.

Take care and best wishes,


Jo said...

What beautiful peonies. I count them among my favorites, but then I think they are all my favorites.

Sorry Jim didn't make it home. From the sounds of it you are going to be busy for a while whipping up those flowers for the cake.

I can't wait to see your creations.

Mary said...


I am knew here and followed the link from the comments you left at my Writing Nook. I'm so glad you dropped by.

I love your clematis. It is the same kind I have, I think. They are gorgeous. I planted mine when we bought the house 15 years ago and it is huge now. I'm not sure how many blossoms it has this year. Last year was over 100. They flourish as the years pass.

The peonies are beautiful. I have a toe from my Mom's peonies, which belonged to Grandma. I also have a brown variegated iris that comes from the plant my great-grandmother had. These are precious family treasures.

I've enjoyed my visit. Be sure to drop by again. Have a great weekend.