Friday, June 6, 2008

Storms, Storms and more Storms

This is pretty much the norm for the skies for the last couple of days. We have glimmers of blue and then the menacing skies come back. The wind has been 20-30 mph and as you lie in bed you try to figure out if it sounds different or not. Needless to say I have not had much in the way of sleep for the last couple of nights. So far the majority of the really bad stuff has skirted us, which I am grateful for. I think it was after 3:30 before I was able to sleep this morning. Mother Nature sure likes to keep us on our toes, appreciate the nice days.

While I was at the feed store on Wednesday I found out the name of the large plants I was talking about. They are a Bridal Wreath, well shoot I forget the rest of the name! You can see from the pictures how they like to bow over so being right up next the the house was stifling them. The ones Jim moved last year are blooming so by next spring all should be happy. Yesterday I moved this small bush and gave it a new home by some of the bridal wreath plants we moved. I am hoping that when all bloom next year the contrast will be pretty. The hummingbirds like the pink flowers. Once again this had been planted right next to the foundation, that is a big no no as it encourages water to stay next to house and does not allow the plant to stretch. I also found out the name of the plant for Renie it is a Spiarea and I believe her's is the Gold Mound.

The man in brown showed up yesterday with one of my plant orders, it's my butterfly collection. It consists of four butterfly bushes, four colors, fun!! I think I have figured out where to plant them, the labels say shade to partial sun so the side yard under the big maples should be perfect. Now I just need to dig up all the yarrow that is living where I want to put them. I do have a new home for the yarrow, along the drive on the slope that is so hard to mow. I have already moved a few bushes there and am going to also raid the rock pile and put them there also. I am hoping the it will be a welcoming sight as people come up the drive.

While wandering online I found the perfect site!!! It gave instruction for making sand cast birdbaths, with the large bird population I have been wanting to find an easy way to make my own. I look at the stores and the prices are so high and they all look the same, this way I can be creative, make them any size or shape I want and CHEAP. In the article they used several different types of paint, I just happen to have drawers of craft paint in all colors.... so I am good to go. I just need a bag of sand, a bag of concrete and some screening, I will post pictures of the results. Being me, I am already trying to figure out how to add fountains and tiers,lol. I am going to do some research and try to find solar pumps so they will be energy efficient. If they work I can sell them, and if they don't sell I am still ahead of the game. I can make them in my garden shed so will have space to work on them and for them to dry. Yippee. Where there is a will there is a way.

I will be glad when all the watches and warnings have passed, I hate being a baby about these storms. At least I have my little hidey hole, told my friend if anything happens to the house for them to look under the basement stairs. Yoo Hoo, here I am type of thing. I send my prayers and best to those who have been impacted by the storms, such a horrific thing.

Best to you and hurry back, Barbara


Jo said...

It sounds like you are going to be one busy girl with all of the planting you have to do. The storms we have had through here has been scary. It has been a beautiful sunny day today, but after all of that rain the humidity is sky high. I think we will volunteer to baby sit the grands tomorrow and soak up some air

violetlady said...

The storms here have been terrible, too. My poodle goes nuts when it thunders. He runs from room to room barking like a crazy dog (which he is). If I take him out, he barks at the sky. I love your goats!! I wish I had one, but I have said that before.

Karen said...

The bridal wreath bush is just beautiful. It sounds like you really enjoy your gardening. I'll be interested to see the bird baths! That sounds like a fun project. Our weather has been very strange -- it didn't even get to 60 degrees on Thursday! Today we'll be back in the 80s.
Have a good weekend, Barb:)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

We had a scary storm last night, but it blew out of here pretty quickly, so I didn't have to stay up all night worrying, like I usually do. I feel so sorry for all the folks that have been affected by the terrible storms, which seem to have no end to them.

Thank you for finding out the name of my bush- spiarea is right. when you mentioned it, I remembered the name myself.

Your bird bath idea sounds really neat. Do post a picture when you have one made. You are so resourceful to come up with these ideas.

Thanks again for finding out the name of my bush. Oh, and I love Bridal Wreath. It has such beautiful, dainty looking flowers.

Enjoy your flowers and animals.