Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June and it's cold

I thought it would be warmer by now, still dressing in sweats and hoodies. We had a nice weekend with fairly high temps, even had Jim bring down the window air conditioners. Guess I scared the warm away. We had rain and thunder storms last night so I had a full house in the form of dog and cats, they don't like that weather any better then I do. Last Thursday night we really had a downpour, more then 3 inches. This is a picture of the fields on both sides of the roads, the shame is that the corn is just coming up. You can barely see the rows of green, all the fields around have these "ponds" in them. Good for the ducks, bad for the farmers. Since it has been so cold they have been late getting the crops in and now this.

On Saturday I did the food for our friends open house, their son was baptised. The weather was wonderful, blue skies, warm and gentle breeze. I always stress over these things, worry that people won't like what I serve. We did well and friends and guests were happy, which of course made me happy. I did a cake, fruit and veggie trays, baked beans and smoked beef, chicken ,pork and potato salad. It really gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I pull one of these off. I think Walker enjoyed it also.
These are such super people and I was so glad Jim and I could do this for them. Jim is always a big part of what I do, he helps to calm me. He jumps in and does whatever I need done. This time he was super enough to slice all the meat for me and also take the meat off the chickens. I smoked them whole to keep them juicy. I am so blessed to have this man in my life.

We increased the area for the goats to include a stand of small trees. These trees are all volunteers and much too thick, the goats are thinning them out at a rapid pace as trees are one of their favorites. They are also eating more of the other weeds, which makes me happy, less to mow. This is their whole purpose in life, entertain me and eat weeds. No babies, no meat, no milk, just eat and enjoy. I have noticed one thing, I have to lead them out in the morning to get them started. I feel like the pied piper. Speaking of mowing, I have spent days and still have about a days worth to go. Now it is raining and cold, can't mow and will need to start all over,lol. Gives me that Gerbil on a wheel feeling.

The few warm days we have had brought more of our plants to life. Was very happy to see signs of life in the roses, I really thought that they had all died. This is also the time of year I play my guessing game, is it or isn't it?? Am I nurturing a weed or is it really a plant that I want to grow. My neighbor Connie in Wisconsin used to come over and help me, then there were some that stumped both of us. It is a joy for me to walk out and see something new each day. The peonies are covered with buds, the big bushes that Jim moved last year are covered with small white flowers. I am not sure what they are called, I'm thinking that when they were planted the people did not realize how large they were going to become. They were planted very close to the house, which is not a good thing for the house or the plant. They grow quite tall and then droop over and several times during the summer bloom. Now with more space they should really shine. My orders of plants should start arriving soon, then I will be really busy. I think I would be happy if I could spend all day outside messing in my plants. It crosses my mind from time to time that maybe I could grow herbs or something and make some money that way. Time will tell. The lilacs are in bloom and smell so good, this one is part of a hedge of really tall old plants, I want more! The darker colored one is nearer the house and needs trimming up desperatly. I like the two tones, it is dangerous for me to look through the websites, so many colors,lol. I am dangerous in plant places.

I have rambled long enough, thank you for stopping in and I look forward to your next visit.


Karen said...

Our seasons must be slightly ahead of yours, as our lilacs were in bloom a few weeks ago. They are my favorites, and I'm grateful that our neighbors have all different shades of purple and some white ones in their yards. The whole neighborhood is perfumed by the aroma.

I'm glad the baptism was a success. The menu sounds just divine. And such a relief for you when it was over and everyone was pleased with how yummy the food was. That's the best part. And then I want to plan something all over again.

That's a fun picture -- you and all the little goats heading out in the morning! It was nice stopping in to see you again. Enjoy the spring.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I love reading about all the activities on the Clark Homestead. You keep very busy. Your lilacs are beautiful. We are now into summer in the Ozarks, the temperatures close to 90. But we had a great deal of rain, and everything is lush and green, and growing like mad.

The pictures are lovely. What a sweet sleeping baby! Like you, I love spending time outside.

I hope it warms up more for you, and you can be out there planting to your hearts content.

Enjoy your time with the critters, and stay well and happy.



Jo said...

We moved in to this house 4 yearts ago and it has been a lot of work getting it to where it is today. I still can't believe how over run this property was with brush and briars when we bought it. I look at the photos before we bulldozed and look at it now..... Completely different place.

We have a compost outhouse to the rear of the house. The brush was very thick back there. there was a path from the house to the outhouse with the brush and briars trying to reclaim that path too. The first full week we were here I would sit on the screened in porch and watch the mice run back and forth across the path...... Then we bulldozed to get rid of the brush. If we hadn't bulldozed we would still be chopping down the jungle that used to be this yard.

Have a great day.