Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornados, Floods oh my

The sky tonight looks so much better then last night. All Wednesday we had severe storms warnings, tonado watches, flash flood watches, not fun. I spent some time down in the basement when the radio said to take shelter and named towns near us. I dicovered that Elvira won't go down the basement stairs, so will have to work on that. Not too easy to tuck an 80 pound dog under your arm. The sky was so black and the wind so high just did not know what to expect. I would see the lightning and hear the thunder all around us, from what the radio was saying the storms were moving fast and ended up just missingour area on both sides. We were so lucky and I feel so sorry for those that suffered, like the 4 Boy Scouts who lost their lives. There is no safe place California is having fires, snow in Washington state. Mother Nature keeping us on our toes.

She made up for it today, in 70's and pretty all day long. The peonies are blooming as well as the Clematis and so many more plants making appearances. I was able to mow a bit which was great, still not able catch up. My strategy with the goats seems to be working, I have cut way back on grain and hay in hopes they would eat more weeds. Today with the nice weather they were eating away, hooray!! I should be able to sleep well tonight and not worry I am going to blow away.

Best to you my friends,


Jo said...

So glad to hear that you are alright. You are right there just doesn't seem to be any place that is safe.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I am so glad you are safe! There is so much devastation all around. I also feel so sorry for all the people affected. We had severe weather warnings last night until midnight. I have the same problem with the 2 dogs. They refuse to go in the basement, but are scared to death of the thunder and lightening. I have been opening a closet door in the hallway, and the dogs do go in there, thank goodness. The cats like to explore, so the basement for them is fun.

I'm glad the plan is working for the goats, and that you are enjoying the flowers. It's cooler here today, a pleasant weekend in store for us.

Have a great and safe weekend!