Monday, June 9, 2008

A Sunny June Day

We have sun, gentle breezes and temps in the 70's all in all a great day. What has made it even better is that I might finally have my cell phone issues fixed. There has been an ongoing struggle to get a working cell phone, with many long hours on the phone to the point I stopped paying the bill. I mean why pay for something that does not work, no one seems to care if it works and customer service is pretty much nonexistent for it. My thinking was that since they would want something from me, just maybe I could get something from them, like a phone that I could actually make and receive calls from. Well, that did not happen and I will not bore you with all the subsequent details. This morning I decided to call the last rep who had emailed me and then never gotten back to me, of course the system wanted to put me on hold rather then let me put in an extension. Being a rather impatient type person, and completely fed up with Sprint/Nextel at this point I started punching numbers and then zero. Lo and behold I got a voice mail, left a message and a short time later a real, live person called me back. Some how I had reached a person who works for Sprint but really does not have any thing to do with wireless service. We had a nice talk, I explained my problem and frustration and she is now working on fixing it. Thank You Amy!! I am thinking an Angel twinked me over to her phone to help me out.

I am just getting so fed up with paying good money for things that do not work and companies who do not stand behind those items. In the last couple of years I have purchased both Kodak and Sony cameras ($300.00 + each) and had then die in little over a year. Kodak wants $150.00 to look at theirs and Sony $180.00, they don't care how much the fix is they just want my money. I asked Kodak if it turned out to be something simple if I would get a refund, NO. With the Sony it is the flash, could it really cost $180.00 to fix? Just stinky all around. Then my fridge dies, gets fixed and now the ice maker is not working so I will have to start all over again. I also have a weather radio sitting here that does not get the weather channel, well, you get the picture.

All I want is a perfect world, is that really so much to ask?? Ok, ok, I'm kidding, how about less wrong?

I am off to mow while the sun is shining, enjoy your day.



Jo said...

My SIL had Nextel where she worked and they had nothing but trouble with them. When she got her own cell she went with Cingular and what a world of difference.

It seems as if there is no such thing as cutomer satisfaction any more and the old saying "The customer is always right" was thrown out the window with the customer satisfaction principle.

We can always hope for a world less wrong.... No harm in that.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi again, Barbara,

Your iris is such a pretty blue. My ireses are done blooming, and right now the day lilies are beautiful.

I am sorry you've had such frustrating problems with the cell phone, and with your fridge, and weather radio. But I'm glad your cell phone problems seem to have been resolved. I've had a Kodak Easy Share digital for a little over a year, and have had no problems so far. Knock on wood!

At least you seem to have nice weather. 70 and sunny is perfect. We have been in the nineties!

A friend of mine told me that whenever everything seems to be going wrong, just to count my blessings and say to myself, "I'm too blessed, to be stressed." And lo and behold, I realize how true that is, and regain my calm, composure. Most of the time. lol.

Take care, Barbara. Enjoy your beautiful homestead, animals, and flowers.



2 LMZ FARMS said...

It seems to me that now days the products aren't as good as they use to be. Just wanted to check in on you and hope you and yours have a blessed day

violetlady said...

We have Verizon and don't have many problems at all. But I must admit - I have no tolerance for mechanical/electronic things that don't work. Barbara, have you thought it might be your personal magnetic field affecting these things? Ha, ha, just joking!
Take care.