Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man, I am more confused then usual !!

I am trying to work my way through the Adobe paint and another program I downloaded. These programs are used to twink my photographs, take out background garbage, enlarge etc.

Problem is my brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around the information, then I get frustrated and sit here hollering at it. I know, real productive. I think I am following the directions and get to the TA DA moment and it fizzles. There is this super nice fellow photographer on Etsy who is trying to help me, so one way or another I will muddle through this. It is a case of you get a great shot, except for one or two little things. Now with the wonders of modern technology you can move things around and cover things up, change colors, all kinds of things. I have been struggling with this for days, but the sun is out today and my brain functions better with sun.

It is cold today, I think the weather said -1 and that is not with the windchill. I had to bring the little guys water bucket in cause it is frozen solid and I could not get the ice out. It is now sitting in the sink thawing. I figured this would happen so took out two buckets of hot water this morning plus an empty bucket. I have to thank the kitty litter people for putting their product in such nifty buckets, they sure are coming in handy. We bought one of those heated buckets for the big guys and it is working fine, even the barn kitty likes it. So, I guess next payday we will get one for the little ones so they don't have to deal with frozen water. I do take hot water out twice a day and on these real cold day I take some extra out at noon. Jim will be home this weekend, HOORAY, so he will build an enclosure in the stall for the new kids. This will help them to be even warmer at night, they seem to be fine. Last night was the first really cold night since they have been here and I was worried.

Speaking of the kitchen sink, went to pour something down it yesterday. Sounded strange, open the doors and the pipes are apart, oh, cool. Thank goodness it is pvc pipe and had just kinda come loose. I think maybe putting those heavy buckets of water in the sink might have stressed it. Got out my little stool so I could sit down at their level and started fiddling, got things lined back up and after a few tries got it back together. So far so good. Dare I ask "What next?"
Probably should not tempt the fates. I am having a hard time getting everything into gear my to do list keeps enlarging. Nothing earth shaking, just things like take down the Christmas tree, yeah I know I'm late, but it's pretty and I like it, makes me happy. I am also trying to sort out all my plastics, I thought I had a good system but in practice it does not work, I thought Tupperware was bad! This stuff is so inexpensive I keep buying more and then Jim brings his all home and it is everywhere. I so want to tear this kitchen out, problem is I have not totally figured out how I want the new one. I keep collecting pictures and then I will see something else I like and try to figure out how to put that in also. What I need is to win the lottery,lol, saying that I should specify that by winning I mean multi millions.
Off to wrack my brain some more, wish me luck the resources are getting slim here , Have a wonderful day, Barbara


Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yikes on the piping..I wouldnt know what to do. Try to stay warm. I thought it was cold here....-1...oh my gosh..that is cold.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Came over from Laura's (LMZ Farms) and find your blog most interesting. Been reading all your adventures with various things on the farm. You have a nice, easy style, and I enjoyed the read. Just thought I'd say Hi. Will come and read again.



Jo and JD said...

Good Morning,

I feel for you when it comes to learning something new the is technical I just seem to find some of my brain cells cross their arms and stand in the corner refusing to learn. I get so frustrated at times and when it starts to feels like I am beating my head against the wall, I find if I just walk away for a while and focus on something else, it all comes a little easier when I return to the learning table again.

Good luck Sweety, I know you can do it.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Why is it, when the men folk is gone , things tear up?lol Hopefully nothing else will happen. Hope you and yours have a blessed day. Sure hopes it warms up there. Hey, still trying to find the sun, I promise to share with you.