Saturday, January 19, 2008

Subzero Saturday

Right now it is -3 and feels like -15 our high today was +3, wahooo! The goats made it through the night in good form, as I looked out the bathroom window I could see them out in their yard in the sun. I left big and small together with the theory that they could all snuggle in their little house and be warmer. I am pleased to say that when we went out this morning they were getting along fine, makes me feel good. We drove up to Albert Lea and bought more feed, I had given them the last on Friday. When we got back and took the bags of feed in, they were right there to help us open them,lol. What lil piggies. This evening Jim helped string a tarp about 8 feet of the ground over the corner where their little house is. My theory is that hopefully this will help to keep their body heat closer to the ground? He is so good, indulging my whims and worrying along with me about our critters. For a person who had been brought up to think cats were nasty, he has done a 360 and actually has mentioned getting another one. He was taken with one at the goat guys house, we have to wait until I can take it to the vet. I am sure it has not had any shots and I don't want our guys to get sick. Poor guy, thought having a dog was a big deal, I bet it never crossed his mind he would preside over a homestead with dog, cats, chinchilla, goats, birds,lol.

When he arrived home last night he discovered that all my snow blowing was in vain. The wind had shifted the snow and he drove right into it and was stuck tight. So there we were at 9:30 at night shoveling and snow blowing to free the car. What a welcome home! Eventually we got him free and he was able to come in and put his feet up. I bet ya next year we have fences along the drive way, huh.

Be safe, stay warm and come visit again, Barbara


Jo and JD said...

Our temps are supposed to be the big goose egg or lower tonight. Must be some of what you had last night. I sure did feel for you and Jim out in that cold digging the car out.

I have one more blog to visit then am going to slip into the flannels and curl up under a wooly throw for the rest of the evevning.

Glad the babies made it through the cold night.

Big hugs and warm thoughts.

Karen said...

Whoo, boy, too cold for me!

Thanks for the tip about the extra long sheets. I was able to find some, but couldn't find a mattress pad, so I'm going to order it online. Don't know why I didn't think to do that in the first place. The weekend went well. I think he'll do well up there. I just miss him (sigh.)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Hope the weather has moderated some by now. It's been frigid here, but not quite subzero. And no snow so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you don't get any more snow that your husband can get stuck in! LOL.

Yes, with animals, we worry more, but they seem to make it fine through the cold.

Keep warm!


Caryn said...

And I thought it was cold here! That stinks about the car getting snowed in.

violetlady said...

I don't envy you in all that cold weather. It has been cold here in Delaware, but nothing like what you have. Wouldn't it be nice if you and Jim could get snowed in and he wouldn't have to go anywhere?