Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mother Nature decorated

With the snow and cold and 30mph winds, Mother Nature went to work making masterpieces. So for my birthday I got sunshine and beautiful artwork, so much fun, but so cold. I took pictures until my fingers would not work they were so cold. With out the wind blowing the house is pretty comfortable, just wish the bathrooms would thaw,lol.
When the weather is acting up like this I wonder just how the pioneers survived. Trying to imagine dealing with all this and living in a log home or in this area a Soddy! No stores to run to for supplies, no calling the gas company for more fuel. I believe that in this area of the country it was prairie so there were no trees to cut down for building or fuel. I am pretty sure that quite a bit of their clothing would have been wool, and if they hunted they would have had skins. Trying to learn all those skills so you could survive, amazing. I can get on the computer and order pretty much anything I want or need and have it delivered. To have moved from a city and then to live in the middle of no where, no neighbors to turn to. Just boggles my little mind.
I know the weather is acting up pretty much all over, so I wish you calm winds, warm temperatures and the love of friends and family. Barbara


David Crofts Munro said...


Your posts are most inspiring to me.

I look forward to reading many more.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Barbara! As harsh as the winters can be, there is such beauty in them too. Love the picture.

I wish you much happiness and many blessings in your "new year".


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Oh, I'm sorry I missed your birthday! But, though I'm a little late, Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful!

The snow is beautiful, and we may get some today, we may not. I think about the Pioneers as well. I don't know how they survived the harsh winters, but they did. Guess they were hardier folk.

I'm like you. Moved from the city 24 years ago, no close neighbors, but I love it!

Hope it's a little warmer out there for you today. I always feel sorry for the critters in the winter. At least we can warm up in the house, they can't.

Many blessings,


Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

Happy Belated Birthday.
Sounds so cold there. I think 40 with wind in AZ are bad. I think I would go stir crazy there.

Your post reminded me of a book I read this summer. "Letters of a Woman Homesteader". It is a collection of letters by Elinore Pruitt. It inspired me and made me feel quite the wimp. Even after reading it I wondered if I could have survived.

Thanks for the great read. Lorissa

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed birthday! You know, sometimes I think back and wonder how the pioneers survived. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that time and then again, I don't. Try to stay warm and hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Jo and JD said...

I have thought about those very things many times. Summer and winter had to be very harsh on the early pioneers. With the heat like it is in some areas in the summertime can you imagine yourself in a corsette, long petty coats and longsleeved floor length dresses???