Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wheww, I'm Pooped out!

I just got in from clearing part of the driveway with my lil snow blower, glad I did not have to do it all. I was able to navigate with the truck but when Jim comes home the car would not have cleared. Glad to see that our friend Kevin's piling of snow in the corner worked, it was clear.

Next year I get my wattle fence plus I'm seeing some hedge plants that look like they would work great. Now my new dilemma is which ones to get, wondering how it would look to alternate kinds ?? There is the privet, and then several others with different leaves and colors, they are even advertising a Rose of Sharon hedge with 3 colors. Wouldn't that look great right in the middle ?? I am going to have to mess with the adobe paint and try putting hedges in different places and see how they will work. One of the types is recommended for open areas and is deer resistant, has thorns and also berries so I am thinking would be perfect for perimeter of property and for the birds. I get so excited in my mind I am busy planting them all over the place. Easy to amuse aren't I?? Oh, and the climbing roses and clementis and..............

Deep freeze is coming this weekend so am hoping that everything works well and I don't have to build a fire in middle of front room floor. Well, Tonka just stopped by for some loving he is such a big purr baby. Peaches is holding down the bed so it doesn't float off, ahh to be a cat.

I have had a couple of really nice days, yesterday talked for ages to my friend Connie. She was my backyard neighbor in Wisconsin, she has the most beautiful yard lots of beautiful flowers. When I hit the lottery big time I am buying her a nice house with acres around it so she can plant to her hearts content. I miss her bunches, but she has promised to come visit me in the Spring. Now today I had a long conversation with my Florida friend Rejeanna, I have know her for over 20 years. We have these long rambeling conversations that are cool, solve the problems of the world. She and her Mom are a couple of my favorite people, makes me feel good when I connect with my buddies.

Same kind of good feeling when those super people from blogger land come in and visit and leave a note. I really am glad I stepped into this world. Best to all Barbara


ancient one said...

Well hello! I came to visit and saw the pictures of your goats. My husband has 15 new kids, two on bottles. And we are expecting more. I liked your blog...I'll be back!!

Karen said...

Oh, there's nothing like a nice long talk with an old friend, is there? Your cat is beautiful. Are his eyes really that green?

BClark said...

Welcome Ancient One, nice to meet you and please do come on back.

Karen, yes his eyes are pretty green. I think the flash made them show up really well, but his are the kind you can see across the room they are so green. He is a big ole purr bucket.