Monday, January 28, 2008

An "Old Picture"

Mom-Musings has a thing going on with the theme old pictures, so this one is very old. It is a picture of my Great Grandfather, William Wells Eldridge on his wedding day. Without looking it up I believe her last name was Bourne and I cannot remember her first name, I'm bad. He was from Falmouth, Ma and was a whaling captain. During one of his voyages he was badly injured. He went on to be a farmer and school superintendent. Of their 5 children the youngest was my
Grandfather, Arthur Grenville Eldredge.


Mary said...

A beautiful vintage photo and a real family treasure. Be sure to cherish it.


Jo and JD said...

I love old family photos. Even as a child I used to sit and look through my mother's collection and ask over and over again.....who is this , and this and this???

When she passed away in 2001, I brought her vintage photos home with me. I still love to look throught hem .Many I have put on CDs and downloaded to the computer.

violetlady said...

I love old family photos. I have one I especially love of my grandmother - must have been around1915.