Friday, January 18, 2008

Tempreture is going down, down, down

Right now it is 2 and with the windchill feels like -14, with the wind out of the NW it is a bit brisk!
The cold water pipes and toilet on first floor are frozen, I turned on the hot water a dribble in hopes it might help thaw the pipes out. Jim put heat strips on these pipes and up until now they were working fine. This room is what was the old back porch, at some point it was enclosed and if they used insulation it was R1. It is either roasting back there or icy cold, it's handy having a bathroom there so you don't have to go thundering upstairs. The down side is that it needs insulation on all sides , floor and ceiling. You would think that building something in an area that is as cold as this, they would add all kinds of insulation.

The sun is out but gives little heat at this time of year, but sure looks pretty. We think we are going to put our camping heaters out in animal shed and see if that helps some. With the wind blocked it does not feel to bad, but since we are going subzero for highs for the next several days We think every little bit helps. We lucked into some of that thick pink panels of insulation and are going to secure them to outsides of stalls. Jim is also going to bring some extra tarps that we will string around. You have to be careful because the little stinkers will chew on all kinds of stuff and I sure do not want any sick goats. I am also trying to think what I can set heaters in or on so they do not get knocked over. Humm, I wonder if we put a couple of our smokers out there we could set the heaters down inside them? Theoretically nothing should be around to knock them over, but I know raccoons get in there and there are a couple of cats that reside out there. I like to err on the side of caution, so think the smokers might just be the ticket. They are great because one small canister will run them for about 12 hours.

Sorry to obsess on the cold, but it is just about all that is on my mind right now. Jim will be home tonight so I will be able to relax. Best to all, have a wonderful, warm day, Barbara

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2 LMZ FARMS said...

Just dropping in and see if you are surviving the cold. The temps here are round 30. I know that is nothing compared to what you have. Hope you got those pipe unfrozen. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.