Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Cold Bbbbbrrrrrrrrr

Well, Wonder if I jinxed us?? I thought it was cold before, wrong! Woke this morning to -17 and wind chill of -36 much more information then I needed. Getting dressed becomes more time consuming, all the layers. Pantie hose (cause they are warm) full suit of long johns, nice silky ones from Lands' End, fleece pants ,then another insulated shirt, followed by a sweat shirt, two pairs of socks and then jacket, gloves, boots, hat, hood. I even have to wear layers in the house especially when the wind is blowing cause it can get pretty chilly. I have electric heater in birds room so they stay warm and Elvira has her bankie. Can you see the birds in the bush, they are snuggeling. You may need to click on the picture to really see them.
I found a recipe online for some mash which I am going to try on the goats, calls for oat bran but can use oatmeal, shredded carrots, molasses and chopped apples. I don't have the apples, but don't tell them. I am glad we got the heated bucket for them and then I take out other buckets of hot water for them as the bucket stays at 40 degrees. I think I am going to ask our little store what they do with the apples that get a little past being able to sell?

Got a call last night from the President of the board for the golf course and I'm in. Into what, time will tell, hopefully it will be a good thing. I have had menus flitting through my head as well as all the other things running a place entails. I am making lists which I find invaluable in these types of situations. I try to think of the basics that need to be done, and then what could go wrong and the fixes. In the next couple of weeks will be more meetings as I come up with a firmer ideas for food and operating procedure.

Finally got some more hay delivered yesterday, comes in the huge roll that weighs around 900 pounds. The guys got it really close to the barn so that is a good thing, make it easier to peel it down and move it inside. I have to take off chunks of it until it is small enough for me to fit through the door and light enough for me to push in. See, I don't need the gym,lol.

Warm wishes to you all and catch you later, Barbara


Karen said... -36?? I put on another sweater, just reading your post. Such a cute picture of the birds in the bushes! Poor little guys. I bet they would like some warm mash too (hint,hint).

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Now that is cold. I just don't understand how you stand it. Around here, I have had soo many clothes on, I can just barely Hope you are staying in as much as possibe. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Kimberly Ann said...

Glad to find your blog through the Mary Jane website. I've been tagged with a meme and I pass it on to you. Details are at my blog at

violetlady said...

I didn't know panty hose are supposed to be warm. I know I can start sweating just trying to get them on! Did I miss something? You are getting a job at the golf course? What kind of job?

Take care.