Monday, January 28, 2008

This came from Lynne at Lynne's Little Corner of The World.

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Ok, I hope I have done this right, if not please let me know how I should have done it. My life is a constant learning process.

One more day of 30's and then it is supposed to nose dive again. I am getting so much done today, I think I went into hibernation mode last week. Hey, that could be a new diet,lol. I found some folders I was looking for. It's been warm enough today so I could go up in the attic, I finally found a way to put my desk that will work for me. It's not quite the way I wanted it but it works and I feel comfortable. So trying to get things where they belong. If this job works I will have lots of paper work to do so need to be prepared. I have also been making lots of notes on food, it's cool I have friends sending me ideas which is great. I need to know what people are enjoying when they go out to eat, nothing exotic so this is great to get feedback.

They keep sending me all these garden catalogs, I am going to short circuit, so much neat stuff.
I have already ordered a butterfly garden and think I have narrowed down most of the trees and hedge plants I want. At least for the time being. The little piggies found out how to get the
lid off the feed, had to take a picture they thought they had it made.
Have a super duper day, Barbara

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