Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Monday!!

This morning I felt as if I were in an enchanted forest, fog all around. Up in my attic space and looking out I could have been the princess in her tower. My prince will be back on Wednesday, so I will have him home for a few extra days. Later the sun came out, the winds died down and it was a very nice day. Over the weekend we had some rain and a few flakes, but not many, goodie. Went shopping and got a couple of turkeys, I will brine them and probably smoke one. This will depend on the weather, if it is windy or real cold, forget it!! They both go in the oven. My pioneer spirit only goes so far.
Do anyone else have issues with inanimate objects?? You know, you put something on a shelf and it promptly falls back on your head? You have something one moment and the next you can't find it. I was attacked by one of those plastic grocery bags as I came up out of the basement with arms full of folded laundry. So here I am, going down the hall trying to shake this bag off my foot, trying not to trip or drop the clothes. Somehow the handle was around my ankle, I just know the dog and cats were laughing at me. Finally, I reached my desk, put down the wash and got the dumb bag off. Then I lost the remote for the attic TV for 2 days. I finally found it, I had set a bag of material on it. Still missing are my good glasses, which I try to be so careful with. I was so careful they have been missing for weeks, hopefully when I am searching for something else I will find them. I am sure there is some sort of gremlin that lies in wait to pull these tricks on me.
I want to wish everyone the most wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy the day and don't sweat the small stuff!! I am meeting the greatest people through this blog so I have even more to be grateful for. I was glad to see the new feature in Garden Goose's blog, since I am starting my own etsy store this is an added bonus.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!


GardenGoose said...

hey there, hope you find those glasses.
hoping you have a great turkey day.
if you'd like to be a part of the Farmgirl Flair etsy team, try contacting Kay, up under "the Rustic Cottage" (left hand side of my blog up under"blog friends".
She's the gal spearheading the Farmgirl Flair etsy team. Ask if you can join in.
Have a great week!
Thanks so much for stopping by, I love blogging! I have met so many wonderful people. would be great if I could meet some of you in person one day.

JANET said...

Hi there. We will be smoking a whole turkey and a turkey breast on our double rack smoker! So, I'll be thinking about you and yours.