Thursday, November 15, 2007

Opinion Poll Please

I need some help here, please. I am thinking of starting an etsy store and wonder if you think these would sell?? My husband and I love taking pictures, these are some he signed and matted for a craft show I was in. I was selling my Christmas wreaths and ornaments and took some of his pictures along. As I have mentioned before I am trying to find things I can do from home.
In the store I could also put some of my handpainted shirts and ornaments and goodies I find in my trolling through auctions, yard sales and thrift shops. Any and all feedback is welcome, also what you think you would pay for these original photos.
Thank you so much, best to all
I just discovered something new!! If you click or double click on the photo you can see it close up, Cool!! Oh, Violet Lady, the pattern I have for the Santa Suit has one for Mrs. Claus and for an elf!! I plan on making them all. On another note, on my blessings list a big item we are thankful for, Jim's sister had a scare. On her neck they took off a growth and also lymph nodes, this of course was terrifying. We are thankful the biopsy came back clear!! Hooray, hooray!! This is a big wake up call, check ourselves from head to toe. Jim just had a large discoloration taken from the top of his head, sort of a mini face lift. One of the first things I tell a new Dr. is " I grew up in Fl and have been an outdoor person my whole life, please check everything". I'm sure some of you can relate, we used baby oil and iodine for sunbathing, not much sunblock there.
Off, to sewing, have a wonderful day, Barbara


JANET said...

HI, I just found your blog. I love the photos. I take photos myself but have never tried selling any. I think an etsy shop would be neat for you. I also have a friend who takes nature photos, then prints them on notecards for sale.
Good luck!

BClark said...

Hi Janet, Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it. Also for the idea of the note cards, I may give that a try also.


GardenGoose said...

so glad Jim's sister is fine.
the pictures look nice. I too absolutely love photography, in case you hadn't noticed on my blog..ha.
I have sold notecards through my etsy shop. In fact I have had several ladies asking for me to post more of my notecards on my shop, so I need to get on the ball before Christmas with some of those.
I say just go for it. The listing fee is rather cheap, so you are not out much if it doesn't sell.
Best advice is to join etsy, then visit the forums on etsy once in a while and start networking by visiting other blogs, and when you have a new item, briefly mention it on your blog.And it is also fun to on occasion hostess a little freebie give away on your blog..this gets folks interested in your item/items.You can put something like "additional items like this giveaway are available in my etsy shop"... then post your etsy shop address.This helps to drive a bit of traffic to your shop.
Best of wishes.