Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday - Hump Day!!

See, Jim did a nice job with the porch, I think it looks festive. I found a box of my toys and was messing with them in the entrance. I kinda like the staircase, had fun with it after I changed it several times. I am so picky at times.

My flash decided not to work so that will be the next challenge, figuring out what is wrong. If is not one thing, then it is another.

I managed to get a few things done today, thank goodness. I have been struggling with the computer all week, trying to list somethings in my new etsy store. Very frustrating, would not take the pictures, too big. I followed all the suggestions people gave me, developed a huge headache and was ready to give the whole thing up. Well, not really I am like a dog with a bone, I will keep gnawing until I figure it out. Finally, in wandering through the XP site I found it, a download for resizing pictures. So now I am off and running. Well, crawling, there is more to learn in making the shop attractive and advertising it. As it is said, each journey starts with a single step.

Oh, I found my glasses. Moving things around again, picked up a box, moved the paper on top and TA DA, there the little rascals were. I also sewed the channel to the back of the quilt and put it on a curtain rod, so now it is blocking cold on landing window. Looks ok, if I do say so myself. So now I know my old $8.00 Singer is still humming along, I love thrift stores. I took the rest of the turkey and it is now in crock pot turning into soup. I had the salad shooter out to grate the carrot and sweet potato for Elvira's food. Just changed discs and sliced carrot, celery, used the left over brown rice from making her food and good to go. Soup is so good when it is cold, warms me all over. The whole house smells good.

So, off to the Sony site to find out what is wrong with my camera, hopefully it is something minor. Also need to go out and feed the goats, they will be looking through the fence and talking, trying to convince me they are starved.

Have a wonderful day, all problems small ones,



Speaking of Etsy, Garden Goose has a post about her shop and some new things she had added. They are paintings her Mother does, in the description she called them naive. This puzzled me, at first thought a misspelled word, but then it was repeated. Went to good ole Google and found out what it meant, it is primitive artwork. Her Mom is self taught so this fit right in, Grandma Moses was also this type of artist. They are charming paintings and would be wonderful in child's room, or a retro room. They remind me of the 40's. I saw some cute pictures and learned a new word.


Nancy Jo said...

You have been busy. Your outside lights and you stairway look very nice. Wish I had an open stairway, they are so pretty.
What do you plan on putting in your esty shop? Did you get your camera working?

BClark said...

Hi Nancy Jo, Thank you for your visit. That is one of the things I fell in love with in this house, the stairs. Our home was vandelized while it sat vacant and they took much of our woodwork. The upside of that is we were able to purchase at a great price because it needed so much work. No, flash still won't work, but think it maybe a Sony problem. Spoke to another photographer in Etsy and her flash is giving her same sort of problems. Right now I just have some photos up, more later.


violetlady said...

Hi, Barbara,

I am back from Massachusetts and just now trying to catch up with the blog world. Boy, you have been busy. Your lights and stairway look great. I am just starting to drag out the Christmas stuff. I look forward to seeing your Etsy shop. I started one,but then realized that I don't really make anything to sell, but I could sell vintage things, I guess. So much fun, huh?