Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Good News, Jim is on his way home early, an extra day, great!!! I had one of those days where I was moving all the time, but don't feel like I got a lot done. I was trying to find some more of my craft things, I had found an unbroken package of gold balls. I paint roses and snow on them, real pretty I think. I just can't find my snow, phooey. I went digging around in the big garage, found several more buckets of Christmas things. More lights for Jim to play with, he will be soooooooooo happy.

I decided to use my lil John Deere and cart to bring the boxes, etc over to the house. Seemed like a good idea, then I took a side trip. When they harvest the corn, the machine they use takes the husk off and then takes the corn off the cob. Very cool. The down side is they blow all the husks etc. everywhere, which mostly happens to be our yard. I discovered the goats like the husks, so decided to pick up a wagon full for them.

Off I went bumping merrily along, stopping now and then to scoop up armloads of the husks. The next bright idea was to see if there might be some of the cobs that had some corn still left on them. Along the sides where I was not able to mow the weeds had gotten very tall, now they are all dry and you can knock them down. There is a fence that goes way out into the field, but it is down in a few places so I decided to go out and then cut over, good plan. Until, I drove into a hole. As I am trying to rock the mower to back up I notice the fuel line has come loose and gas is squirting out. I guess when I was playing mighty bulldozer and knocking down weeks I rubbed the hose on something. So get off and try pushing it back up, no go. Just so happens I have an old spoon I picked out of one of the fire pits and was able to use it to loosen the hose clamp. Ta Da, I fixed it, managed to back out of hole and continued on my journey. Found where the deer are bedding down back under the trees, no one was home. The goats loved their husks, and I did find a few cobs with corn on them so they were doubly happy.

I spent time in the attic sorting out some of my painting supplies, the ones that were so neatly organized. With all the bumping around everything got discombobulated. I still have not found my easels and some other of my things, surprise. The garage is piled to the ceiling, you kind of make paths through and if you are lucky you find what you are looking for. It is kind of like a treasure hunt, lots of cries of "Oh, I wondered where that was, or I love that". Fun for the feeble minded.

Best to all, Barbara


JANET said...

A very interesting day! A spoon? I bet a man never would have thought of that! Good for you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

BClark said...

I keep a large can on the deck of the mower and have all kinds of stuff in there. You never know,lol.

Nancy Jo said...

My goodness Barbara! I thought I did a lot wrapping all those presents. I would love to get flannel pj pants and painted Christmas balls. I think those gifts are the best. However, my sewing and painting??? Well we won't talk about that.
Sounds like you had a good day looking about at all your stuff. Better then mopping a floor.

BClark said...

Oh, Nancy Jo, you so have that right. It has taken us so long to finally get all our stuff in one place (like the garage). I have an estimate of about 2 years to get things mostly settled. We were out there again this morning bringing in more Christmas things. Also my drawing table and a whole huge plastic tub of arty stuff, cool.