Monday, November 26, 2007

Moon Rise

I need to practice more with the night pictures. When I looked out the window the moon was just coming up over the horizon.
Grabbed the camera and went out, ran back in for a coat and the tripod. You just cannot hold the camera still enough taking these pictures at night. The color was amazing, so orange. As you can see I did not quite manage to catch it. This camera has so many settings, I need to find a better book to help. The one that comes with it just does not cover everything. I could probably look on line and see what's out there.

Jim worked so hard while he was home this time, cleared one side of the garage out so I can put my little car in there. I hated her being in the machine shed getting all dusty and critters walking on her. Now she is inside and I can clean her up and maybe get around to putting her on the road. He also put up the garland and finally got lights that matched around the porch. I have come to the conclusion that I need to draw pictures or learn another language to communicate with him. Have you tried to explain about draping something to a man?? I thought I had gotten the idea across, but in actuality no. My garland is not in graceful drapes, but it does have a couple of little dips! It looks fine and I told him I was happy. I am trying very hard to put things in proper prospective, what is important and what is not. He was the one balanced on the ladder in the cold trying to please me, so I can deal with dips instead of swoops.

I think I have a few feathers sprouting, all I have eaten since Thursday is turkey. Well, that is not quite right, I did make breakfast type things. Sunday is homemade pancakes, no mixes here. Jim really loves them and it is worth the extra work to see him smile. I am also going to try the biscuits that I found in another blog. Sorry, I can remember the blog, just not the spelling, I am so bad!! I have to admit I am becoming addicted to all these blogs, it is like a window into so many different lives and places. Being overly curious as it is, I am completely at home with this.

OK, far too many projects await. My attic sanctuary is overrun with all the Christmas and craft things we have brought in, plus I have sewing stuff strewn everywhere. I want to work on my yard mice and then there is the humdrum stuff, yuck.

Have a wonderful day,

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