Wednesday, November 14, 2007


When coming in from feeding the goats tonight I noticed a couple of visitors at the edge of the field. Figured they would be gone, but ran up and got the camera any way. Surprise, surprise
they were still there. A Mom and her baby eating the left over corn. Just as long as they stay out of my plants we will be fine.

I received a new email from Mother Earth Living and it had the best idea. Window quilts as an extra barrier against the cold. Since our home is old and prone to leaks I found this to be an excellent idea for us. I am not sure quite how fancy I am going to get, will depend on my mood and energy level. I think if I use unbleached muslin and scraps I have, they should not be too expensive. You can make them and put batting in them like a regular quilt or you can put plastic or some of the silver insulation. I think since we have already installed roller shades, I will sandwich a piece of heavy plastic and then stitch through the layers. You could get very creative, I may paint designs on them or cut things out of material. If they are half way decent I will post some pictures. They even said you could wet a window and put bubble wrap on it to block heat or cold, good idea in an emergency. At this point I am not that concerned with beauty, just warmth. I do have an old quilt and believe I will sew a channel on the back for a rod and put it over the landing window, I think it will look nice. So many ideas running through my head, possibilities.

I want to wish everyone the best Thanksgiving, it is good to have a day to reflect all that we have. Some times in the chaos of our daily lives we get stressed over silly things or little things that have little value. The truly important things get shoved to the back of the shelf, so we can use Thanksgiving to drag these out and dust them off. I know I am thankful to live in our great country, having a loving and supportive husband, healthy children. There are also things like a sound mind and body, things that become more precious the older I get. So to you all I say I am also thankful for wonderful friends, old and new. Eat until you pop and enjoy all those nummy leftovers.

Best to all, Barbara


violetlady said...

What beautiful photos! I never thought about how much joy a "Santa Claus" would get. But that would be true! I would love to be a Santa Claus.

Have a wonderful holiday!

GardenGoose said...

hello Barbara,
the deer look lovely!
the quilt idea sounds nice. hope it works for you.