Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Today was the big sale day and I was right here, nice and warm and comfy. Watched all those people on TV out there at 3 am. Not me man!!

Jim and I had a nice Thanksgiving, roasted the one turkey and smoked the other one. So, lots of good sandwiches. It snowed most of the day, big fluffy flakes, mostly gone now. The wind picked up and blew it all away. Jim got some of the icicle lights up, just across the front this year. I found my blow up penguin, not sure where to put him so the wind doesn't blow him away. Same with my plans for garland on the porch pillars, not sure how they will survive. I still have to finish painting my wooden mice for out in the yard. Things like that are all fun, I'll put pictures of those up when they are done, I think they are going to be cute.

Half the fun is going through all the stuff and seeing what is there, and the memories of Christmas past. Some of the ornaments are ones the kids and I made back in the 70's bring those out and it's like a time warp. Same thing looking through all the old pictures, and wondering what were we thinking, that hair, those clothes. Of course , what we were thinking is that we looked pretty hot, the latest thing.

Good luck with all your holiday decorating, love to see pictures.


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Bella Modiste said...

Christmas decorating is always fun...We always do our decorating the day after Thanksgiving...put on the Christmas music, make hot cocoa with marshmallows..recruit the little ones to decorate the bottom of the tree...hehe
~The Bella Modiste~