Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Evening

Sunday Evening, Jim just called to say he had arrived at his apartment in one piece. I always worry about the drive, nutty drivers, deer, car problems, you name it I will worry about it. This is always a hard time, he hates to leave and I hate to see him go. What we try to concentrate on are the pluses, he has a job to go to. We actually like each other and seem to be handling this particular bump in our road fairly well. I reminded him today that if he were home full time it might mean he was out of work!! So he keeps in touch with the headhunters and hopes that something will turn up closer to home. They call and email, but the jobs are in New York, California every where except Iowa.

Today was a very nice day, warm and not too much wind. Actually it was what Saturday was supposed to be!! Silly weathermen, never seem to get it really right, even with all their new equipment. I had looked forward to Saturday, planned on mowing and working on winterizing more of my plants and flower beds. Unfortunately it was cool and very windy, not a working outside day at all. Jim helped me move the rest of the large hay roll, that extra muscle sure came in handy and saved me days of work.

I watched part of the movie "Sahara" today, and was not a happy puppy. The movie is based on the Clive Cussler book by the same name, supposedly. I do not think the person who cast the movie read the book first. The title character, Dirk Pitt is the tall, rugged, handsome devil, his side kick Al Giordino is Italian, on the short side but very strong and clever and popular with the ladies. In the movie the lead is not tall, not rugged and while attractive, is not like Dirk at all. Al is played by someone who looks more Irish then Italian, and he is not in shape, well not a muscular shape. When ever one of Clive Cussler's books come out Jim or I pick it up right away, and very much enjoy them. Having one of them come to the screen and then not be true to the book really bugs me, can you tell?? Since I enjoy reading I get into the characters and have definite ideas as to how they should look and act.

So many of the birds were out today, I need to drag out my bird book again and see if I can identify them. Mother Earth news had some receipies for making those suet cakes for the birds, I printed them out. Now I am saving my bacon grease and will get some suet from the store and make my own, cool. While I was filling the feeders, some of them were lined up on the fence talking to me, probably saying "Hurry up, we're hungry". If the weather report is at all right this next week should be fairly warm, for the season. Hopefully, I should get all the mowing done and the plants tucked in for the winter.

Best to all


Karen said...

My husband is a Clive Cussler fan. I haven't read any of his books, but I really try one. I love the picture in this post.

BTW, we're Clarks, too:) You blog feels like home.

Karen said...

Oh, and thank you for the prayers for my brother. You're very kind.