Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday's musing

I wanted to add a picture of the sunset I took tonight but it won't let me, maybe later.
It is more of the clouds and the sun reflecting off them as it was setting, with the corn gone I have a much clearer view. Tuesday morning and it let me put the picture up. These are the trees at the back left of our property, past them are miles of fields. I love all the colors we get in the sky here.

The first part of the day was cloudy, but by about 1 I was more inspired to go out and do some mowing. The part of the yard I was working on is where I am making plans for gardens and water features. So as I bump along, I day dream and plan and re plan where and how. There is a nice slope which will lend itself to a fountain, stream and pond which I hope to artfully meander down through the gardens I will plant. I have collected a wide assortment of books and magazines to find inspiration and direction. A some day plan is to use it as a place for small weddings so I keep that in mind as I draw things out.

While mowing up near the trees I spotted violets still blooming, I guess being so low to the ground they have avoided the frost. Was a pleasant sight, I also have some violas in bloom near the house. I wish the weather guys would quit saying the s word.

Guess that is it for now, off to read more blogs and see what else I can learn!!

Best to all


Wild Rose said...

Hi Barbara,

What a beautiful sunset. They really are quite spectacular at this time of the year.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your most generous offer of assistance ~ I can't think of any way you could help at the moment, but your support via blogland is really appreciated.

Marie x

BClark said...

Hi Marie,
You are so very welcome. I have been in your shoes and know how hard it is being owner, employee and jack of all trades. I wish you the best in your endevor and if you think of a way I could help please let me know.