Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When I took Elvira out this morning about 6:30 this was the sky. The way the clouds were stacked up and the colors sent me back in to grab the camera. On the weather they said this was the type of sky referred to in the "Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning". It indicates changes in the weather, fronts and all that. What it brought us was lots of wind. I am learning quite a bit about wind here, sometimes it is so strong you can not even hang clothes out. I have put things on the line with lots of clothes pins and had everything ripped off the lines. My understanding Husband put a stockade type fence between the house and garage, the wind was blowing the seed out of the feeders. It was also blowing the birds off the feeders! The only time I had encountered this type of wind was in Fl during tropical storms.

My new friend Carol told me there are stories of early pioneers going crazy from the wind. Trying to imagine being out in the wilderness, no neighbors, town a days trip away and the unrelenting wind, yep, I can see it happening. Even with the modern convenience of a car to take me where I want to go, telephones,etc. the wind can still bother you. It gets to the point you wonder if it is ever going to stop. This past spring it blew most of the blossoms off the apple trees. Late Summer brought apples on only one side of the trees and not many at that. Trying to work outside becomes a real challenge. I injured my eye in May while mowing, the wind blew thistle debries back into it, something I do not reccomend. Very painful. Of course, silly me did not have my safety glasses on at the time. Live and learn.

Tomorrow I really must start on the Santa suit, time is flying. I dragged the sewing machine up to the attic and have most everything set up, just need me to complete the equation. I will let you know how this goes, I tend to have adventures when I try to sew. Make the silliest blunders.

Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful day!!


violetlady said...

One question - who will wear the Santa Claus suit?

I hate wind. I don't mind any other kind of weather, but wind is so annoying. I can believe that it would drive people crazy.

JANET said...

What a gorgeous sunrise! Did the weather turn stormy?

BClark said...

Hi Janet,
The winds picked up and we had gusts up to 35 mph. The weather man said if we were closer to the great lakes the ore carriers would be getting nervous seeing this sky.
I just could not believe the colors! I took probably 10 or 15 shots, love my digital camera.