Monday, November 5, 2007

Gloomy Monday

This is the part of winter I don't care for, the gloomy. Of course, could be worse, when Hubby called he said it had snowed off and on all day. Not sticking all that much but still it is snow. He told me it would be sunny, and then get real black and start to snow, some times almost a white out. Not here yet but I know it is down the road.

A good thing, when I went out to give the goats their afternoon snack found that their area was very nice. With the wind blowing about 25 mph and the temp in the 30's I was worried it might be real chilly for them. I guess all our attempts at keeping the weather out are working. I had to unzip my jacket as it got too warm, that is until I got back outside.

Good life to all

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violetlady said...

It is already snowing in Iowa? It is beautiful and sunny here in Delaware. I am enjoying your posts -- keep up the great work.